We’re Harold and Sam Prestenbach, also known as The Freedom Parents.

While trying to live the American Dream we found ourselves facing bankruptcy, on the brink of divorce, and wanting to give up when an unexpected opportunity fell into our laps. 

Like many other people, we were dabbling in a #sidehustle. For two years we invested a small portion of time in a network marketing company, with just a few hours of work each week. One day, when all seemed lost for us, we realized this opportunity connected to our dreams and goals.

What we were looking for was right in front of our faces all along!


Within two years, we worked our way up as top leaders in our network marketing company earning a solid six- figure income and it’s only grown from there!

We considered ourselves set free and it’s now our mission to pay it forward and teach others the formula to our success. #TheFreedomParents.

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We want to help your family create a life you love, on your own terms, so that you can build a successful network marketing business that provides the financial, lifestyle, and time freedom that you deserve.

You don’t have to put your time, energy and money into building a life to enjoy later. You can make your dreams come true TODAY!

Do you want to take your family from struggling and frustrated to fulfilled and free? We believe opportunity and abundance are all around us…and we have helped thousands on their journey to an extraordinary life.

It's Your Turn → Let's Go!