3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Battling Mom Guilt

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2022

Are you guilty of mom guilt?


Today I want to talk to all my fellow mompreneurs out there. I want you to know, I see you, and I was you!


You wear 20 different hats in one day and struggle to feel like you are doing a good job in any area. You teeter on the line of wanting to be an amazing mother, but also want to run a successful business.


Let my story be a lesson for you!


Harold and I opened our small business the same year we had our first daughter. Suddenly my love and passion for building my career was eclipsed by the birth of our child. I wanted to be with her full time but also wanted to contribute to our family.


You can’t give 100%, 100% of the time.


To facilitate my desire to stay home and still generate income, I started working from home. Not too long into this venture I started feeling inadequate, and like a failure. I believed that if I were home, I needed to give 100% of myself to my child at all times. If I stepped...

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There Is Purpose In The Valley

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2022

I am no stranger to the valleys.


I have experienced a lot of grief in my personal life, which has taught me a thing or two about how to deal. I’ve also learned that a valley has more to do with your emotional response than it does with what you are actually experiencing. 


If you choose, you may stay in a valley for weeks, months, or even years. You can allow a valley to stretch into a season of life and eventually into what defines you as a person.


Don’t worry; there is another option. You can gain control of your emotions and healthily work through the valley.


Grieving Jason


In my second year of college, life was rocking and rolling. I was working as a personal trainer, had just earned a scholarship, and was in a relationship with Harold. Everything was seemingly great, until a valley opened up in front of me.


I lost my brother Jason.


With no true understanding of how to process the emotions that came with this...

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The New American Dream -- The Freedom Parents

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022

Looking for a podcast that talks about the raw and real parts of life while also giving you practical tips you can implement into your parenting, your business, and your life?


This is for you!


Harold and I have decades of life experience we want to share with the world -- the ups, the downs, the good times, and the bad. We want to be authentic and share how a run-of-the-mill, average family traded the old American Dream in for a new one and became The Freedom Parents. 


Breaking up with the old dream


Everyone comes to a tipping point in their life at some point. Your threshold is met and you break. For Harold and I, it was about 10 years ago. We were living the supposed “American Dream.” We owned a small business, had nice vehicles, and a big house. It appeared to most people that we were successful. 


In reality, our marriage was strained, our business was failing, and we were stressed to the max. We felt like we had to...

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Unlock Your Full Potential By Implementing Small, Daily Habits

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2022

I love seeing the success of others. I especially love it when I am involved in the process of taking an individual from where they were to where they want to be. And it isn’t to inflate my own ego. I believe the key to unlocking one’s potential lies within them; sometimes they just need a little help discovering that reality. 


I know it’s true because I walked the journey myself.


I was able to unlock my full potential by implementing small, daily habits that pushed me towards my big goals. As I completed those goals, I added new ones and adjusted those habits as needed. No matter what my end game is, I have daily tasks in place to make sure I reach the finish line.


That's what led me to creating the Power to Pivot and the Goal Getter Bundle.


Download the FREE goal getter bundle here.


Here are some testimonials of individuals who are using the same methods and seeing wins:


Stacey implemented habits for each area of...

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Stop Rejecting The Call And Step Into Impact

mission passion podcast Feb 16, 2022

Believe it or not, there are times I don’t know if I should keep promoting the Freedom Parents.


Crazy right?


But I am human, and despite the success we have experienced with the Freedom Parents, it has not been without hurts, bumps, and hurdles (like every passion, right?)


We’ve shared our story through many platforms -- at speaking engagements, in our book, and on social media. I feel like we’ve shared it so many times and in so many ways. I wonder who could possibly still need to hear it! 


What I’ve learned is that the desire to hear more about what we are doing, and why we do it is still alive and well. So we are embarking on a new journey and wanted to share it with you!

We are launching a podcast!!!


Here is a peek into my process to come to this decision...

1. Rejecting the Calling

When we were first approached about starting a podcast, my immediate response was, “No way!” I really thought that I had...

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Inspire Change No Matter Your Age - It's Never Too Late

This is the year I turned 40. 


I can’t believe I’m 40! You may be “hearing” me say that with dread when you read it, but you would be wrong! I am embracing 40, knowing it is going to be an amazing decade with so much excitement, fulfillment, and growth!


My 30’s were the formidable years that paved the way to my 40’s. It truly isn’t until now that I am able to say I am living my best life in every way. 


My hope in sharing this with you is that you will realize, no matter your age, or position in life, it is never too late to make lifestyle changes and live the life of your dreams!


Let’s talk Nutrition:


While it was in my 30’s I discovered the importance of eating well and because of that, I get to start off year 40 in the best shape of my life. I look forward to building on the foundation of healthy eating I’ve already implemented. 


I will continue to eat clean with an...

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How To Create Better Habits In Your Daily Life

Don’t you hate it when your bad habits creep in and drown out those intentions you’ve set to live and do BETTER this year?


You try your hardest to maintain and reach your goals, but they continually seem just out of reach (or out of reach completely). 


I have been there! Honestly, our bad habits led us to the brink of financial and relational ruin. We had to work from ground zero to build everything back up to where we are now. I found that creating smaller daily goals helped build towards the bigger pictures, which is what led us to create a free Power To Pivot Guide for others to use to set 30 days of better habits.


While there are places to address every area of goal setting, we know there will be times where a certain area will require more of your time and attention. That’s okay. If you are just starting your business, that area may take up 50% of your time and energy, but if you just had a new baby, then family and relationships...

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5 Direct Sales Myths (Learn the TRUTH!)

Did you know that Direct Sales was a 42.4 billion dollar industry in 2021?


That’s a pretty large number which indicates that hundreds of thousands of people benefit from working with direct sales companies!


Nevertheless, in some ways, direct sales has earned a bad rap through misrepresentation and stereotyping, so I’m here to dispel 5 myths surrounding direct sales to give you a better picture of what direct sales is really about.


Myth #1: You have to be an extrovert.


While I can see where this misconception comes from, it simply isn’t true. People with all kinds of personalities can succeed in direct sales. In a time where a majority of networking is done online, you literally don’t have to interact with people face to face to make connections.


Just because an extroverted person enjoys being around people and going to social events, doesn’t mean they can use those same skills to make sales, educate potential clients,...

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3 Tips For Successfully Working With Your Spouse

For those of us who are married, I think we can all agree it takes a bit of work. Coexisting with another human isn’t easy, but adding a work life into the mix takes it to a whole new level. You have to balance work, family, romance, and the household all within the four walls of your home. 


If you are tackling this enormous task , then chances are you could use a bit of guidance, or just some encouragement knowing you aren’t alone!


Harold and I have been balancing work and marriage for over 6 years now, and while we aren’t experts, we have found there are some tricks to making this situation run smoothly. You are in luck, because I am going to share them with you today!!


1. Define Your Roles


This bit of advice applies to family life as well as work life. If both you and your spouse are working on the same tasks, you will have certain items overdone, and others forgotten.


We have found that there are specific tasks I enjoy...

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3 Tips For Better Balance As A Mompreneur

There are so many glorious benefits to being a Mompreneur, so many freedoms that are created when you become your own boss. 


But one thing that may hold you back is the idea of balancing your work/family life. You may feel discouraged by the lack of boundaries in place between the two. Work seems to bleed into family, and vice versa!


I totally understand that feeling. As wonderful as it is to be in charge of literally every aspect of your life, it can come with quite a few challenges as well. I’ve been balancing the two (and more!) for a couple of years now and found that there are some tricks to creating productive and smooth days.


And before you check out because you aren’t a mompreneur, if you are balancing any kind of life alongside work, this article will benefit you too!


1. Get Organized!


I know you are thinking that’s a no-brainer. But let me take it a step further than simply stating: get organized. 



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