Success Stories

"Having the right mentors is essential to success! Sam and Harold are an amazing couple who've blazed the trail to freedom. We are so grateful for their guidance. Our lives have radically improved 10X's since we met this power couple. Never did we dream that we'd be on our way to finding freedom so quickly."

-Robert & Laura Gaffney

"Working with Harold and Sam has been invaluable in many ways. They are selfless, giving, caring, nurturing, driven, motivating and inspiring just to name a few. This list could go on and on.

We value their mentorship skills and have the utmost respect for them professionally and personally.

They work from the heart and truly care about us and not just outcomes. They push us when we need it most but are there to encourage us when needed as well!"

-Allen and Elizabeth Heil


"Harold are Samantha Prestenbach have many attributes that have contributed to their overall success.

I have noticed an incredible skill for good judgement. They have an eye for identifying partners they’d like to work with. Once those partners are identified they have an amazing skill for developing trusting relationships in which both parties feel safe to try new things and grow to their full potential.

They have an uncanny capacity to communicate effectively. They encourage personal growth by demonstrating patient persistence. They understand that productive project planning and executing starts within their own daily routines.

Many seek only to build on their own accord, but the Prestenbach’s know that their own success sets a trail, who’s sole purpose is to be blazed by others. Many can lead, but few can mentor with such servant- leadership the way they do."

-Allen & Maria Fernandez 


"We have worked with Harold and Sam aka “Ham” over the last 4 years. We started out as clients and were then offered coaching. They worked with us and our goals; goals that we could only dream about, in healthy body, mind and finances.

The most outstanding quality of Harold is his keen business and analytical sense. He can look at the trends of a business and know where to put the work in to get the best results. He is able to transmit that skill to those it may not come naturally to.

He helps others break down unhealthy concepts that may be stalling growth, by challenging the “stinking thinking”.

Sam’s strength is that she connects with people with a true desire to assist them to their dreams. She is a person who leads by example, never irritable, always with compassion and empathy. She has a gentle but effective way of challenging others in order to help them grow."

-Karen & John Schembre 

"The Prestenbachs have been an invaluable part of our health and coaching journey. Their friendship and mentor ship are the perfect combination of understanding and patience, along with the guidance and coaching to help us see the BIG picture and the talent to help us to focus on the next few steps.

Their individual talents compliment each other so beautifully. Samantha's truly gifted with a compassion that is lead by a deep wisdom and understanding that far surpasses her years, such a gift! Harold's passion and vision are infectious, and his ability to refocus us and cut through all the distractions of life are a true asset to our coaching.

Their dedication to the pursuit of health, wellness, excellence, and community are an inspiration. We couldn't have gotten this far without them."

 -Johanna & Scott Braud


"Working with Sam and Harold, has assisted me to grow in so many areas of life that I did not even think was possible.

I reached out for growth in my healthy body and what I gained my healthy mind has been the biggest blessing - They know when I have a skill set that I'm not even confident of yet so they know when to push me to strive for more and I do it! I value their guidance and belief in me because they are so tuned into where I am

...I've learned to be open to listen and now, I am fully confident I can and will reach my goals I set for myself. It's not a question if...but when."

-Gina Sternfels


"I cannot say enough how much I love working with Samantha and Harold. They are hard working, consistent and really have a passion for people. The wisdom and inspiration they pass along is absolutely priceless.

This couple goes above and beyond to help others grow and I would not  be where I am without them. So friendly and easy to work with, Harold and Sam are truly my lifeline in Building my work from home business 💜."

 -Stephanie Robbins

"I can't even begin to explain what an honor and privilege it has been to be able to work with at the Prestenbach’s  as my business coaches.

These two are a dynamic synergistic do well! They kick fear in the face daily, they challenge me daily, they live what they challenge daily, thus modeling what is looks like live a professional and personal life of excellence.

They give not just clear action steps for our team to grow our businesses but they also offer transformational assistance as well.

 I have learned the inns and outs of our business because of them but have also learned how to grow myself personally, how to grow my business and how to empower other people to grow their business.  I'm so thankful for their leadership."

-Joanna & Jay Mitchell 

"It’s difficult to put into words the freedom we have found through our mission as health coaches! To be guided by Sam and Harold has been such a blessing!

We see what is possible for us! We see that being “freedom parents” is a dream that CAN come true! They have lead us through each step of the way making our dreams a reality! To see what we have already been able to accomplish shows us that they truly care about our desires!"

 -Jared & Megan Braud


"Working with Harold & Samantha has been a blessing! As my health coach and mentors, they have made it very easy for me to succeed.

They are all about duplication and transferring the necessary skills at the right time, which I love. "Just in time training" is perfect for any business, but it certainly is necessary for this business, and makes it easy to move from one milestone to another.

As for my personal life, this program has changed it in many ways. Obviously, physically, but mentally as well. I've never been healthier and happier in my life. The mental clarity I have gained, and the confidence that comes along with being in peak physical condition is priceless. You can not put a price on your health and well being, and they have taught me this in just a few short months.

My finances have also grown through this by paying it forward to others wanting to experience the same as I have. All in all, Harold & Samantha have made an enormous impact on my entire life, and I'm forever grateful for them showing me this new, and exciting life. They were able to get me out of my comfort zone and think and dream bigger.

They are both amazing coaches and mentors and I am lucky to have them as my support, and call them friends!"

 -Johnny Schmidt


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