The Freedom Parents

We help your family create a life you love, on your own terms, so that you can build a successful network marketing business that provides financial, lifestyle, and time freedom!


Are you trading time for money?

You have struggled to balance time and money for far too long. Sure, you’ve always managed to get by, but you’re not getting the quality time with your family that you desire. 

Being present is more than just being there’s being with your family both mentally and emotionally as well...and we KNOW that’s what you want to be as a parent (if you only had more TIME!)

Before we became Freedom Parents, we were in a cycle of struggle...working too much and still never having enough to create the life of our dreams! 

But here’s what we’ve learned:

Life doesn’t have to look like a cycle of struggles and challenges.

Today, we've broken free, have time to make memories with our kids, live on our own terms, and we don’t want to keep it to ourselves! You can accomplish this too!

Now more than ever, families like you are looking for freedom. We live in a world where it seems like more and more of our freedoms are being taken away, and it’s time to put our efforts into building a life that has us taking our freedom back!

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Become a Freedom Parent

We are dedicated to showing you the path towards building a successful network marketing business on your own or with your spouse. Why with your spouse? Because we find that most of the top earners in network marketing are usually couples. Learn to leverage each other’s talents and give your family the freedom you all deserve!

More Freedom Parents Means…

More parents who are present in the moment.

More parents who have abundance in ALL areas of their lives.

More overall happiness living a liberated life!

Take Your Family From Struggling and Frustrated To Fulfilled And Free

Are you ready for a step-by-step playbook on how you can get started building a network marketing business that gives you and your family the freedom you deserve?


Hi! We are Harold and Sam Prestenbach.

Freedom Parents ● Partners  Entrepreneurs  Visionaries  Team Leaders  

We believe opportunity and abundance are all around us!

Our mission is to help set parents free by teaching them the formula to success that set us free. 

Our desire was to live a life of abundance while having quality time to raise our family and do the things we really wanted to do!

Harold was climbing the ladder of success (according to societal standards) working for a Fortune 500 company reaching sales goals and landing his territories at the top of his company, but then the stock market crashed and we were hit hard financially.

Desperation turned into an opportunity.

Thankfully, throughout this whole time, we had been dabbling in a side hustle. Sam’s love for health and personal growth had led us to a direct sales company focused on the exact values we had and with a mission that was in total alignment. So we soon found ourselves diverting our time and energy to this company and being named top leaders year after year. 

The beauty of it was that our time and energy was making an impact and giving us our time back, rather than sucking us dry. 

We were finally set free and have set more and more parents free as well! That’s why The Freedom Parents was born!

The Freedom Parents is a mission to fuse Faith, Family, Fun, Fitness and Fortune. We believe that dreams still come true. We are here to inspire you as well as to leave a legacy and a path for our youth to follow and live out their dreams, too!

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We got ourselves free to live an extraordinary life, and we don’t want to keep it to ourselves!

Join us as we guide YOUR family on the path towards freedom!