The New American Dream -- The Freedom Parents

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022

Looking for a podcast that talks about the raw and real parts of life while also giving you practical tips you can implement into your parenting, your business, and your life?


This is for you!


Harold and I have decades of life experience we want to share with the world -- the ups, the downs, the good times, and the bad. We want to be authentic and share how a run-of-the-mill, average family traded the old American Dream in for a new one and became The Freedom Parents. 


Breaking up with the old dream


Everyone comes to a tipping point in their life at some point. Your threshold is met and you break. For Harold and I, it was about 10 years ago. We were living the supposed “American Dream.” We owned a small business, had nice vehicles, and a big house. It appeared to most people that we were successful. 


In reality, our marriage was strained, our business was failing, and we were stressed to the max. We felt like we had to maintain appearances, but we weren’t dealing with the real issues. We had to take a step back and realize changes had to happen.


Money wasn’t the real issue.


It wasn’t that we were broke, even though we were. It was more that we had lost sight of what truly mattered in our lives. Running the rat race kept us from investing in the relationships that drove true happiness. So we got lean. We cut out all the extras, and probably some of the perceived necessities.


Without any distractions, we were able to examine what we wanted most out of our lives. It turned out what we wanted most was time with each other. We wanted the freedom to spend time with each other and with our kids. We didn’t want someone telling us if we could stay home when we were sick or when we could travel. 


It took both of us dedicating 100% to our new vision to make it happen.


Becoming the Freedom Parents


But that wasn’t all. We knew there were others out there feeling the same things we felt- caught in the lie that you are only successful if you went to college, worked a corporate job, spent 60+ hours a week working, maxed out your credit, and were 60 seconds from a stroke.


We decided to take it a step further and coach other people to access the freedom we found. 


It has been such a profound privilege to share our story, and see how it awakens and illuminates a new path for others. Just when I think the time for sharing and encouraging others has passed, a new opportunity arises.


That’s how we find ourselves where we are today. Sharing from our journey with you all. In the ten years since we began pursuing our new American Dream we’ve learned and grown, and our desire is to share all that knowledge with you that you might benefit from our mistakes and share in our victories!


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