Stop Rejecting The Call And Step Into Impact

mission passion podcast Feb 16, 2022

Believe it or not, there are times I don’t know if I should keep promoting the Freedom Parents.


Crazy right?


But I am human, and despite the success we have experienced with the Freedom Parents, it has not been without hurts, bumps, and hurdles (like every passion, right?)


We’ve shared our story through many platforms -- at speaking engagements, in our book, and on social media. I feel like we’ve shared it so many times and in so many ways. I wonder who could possibly still need to hear it! 


What I’ve learned is that the desire to hear more about what we are doing, and why we do it is still alive and well. So we are embarking on a new journey and wanted to share it with you!

We are launching a podcast!!!


Here is a peek into my process to come to this decision...

1. Rejecting the Calling

When we were first approached about starting a podcast, my immediate response was, “No way!” I really thought that I had fulfilled my obligation when it came to sharing about Freedom Parents. I wrote the book and I did the speaking engagements. I shared our vision and mission. The world knew who we were and what we are about.


Despite the constant gnawing at my heart that we weren’t finished yet, I rejected the idea of putting a ton more work into TFP. I am not afraid of hard work, but the work you put in has to make sense. After all, I felt like we had completed our obligation so why start it all up and invest more work!?


I didn’t want anything to take away from family time. I wanted to preserve time to be a mom because I felt that that needed to be my first priority. But I found that I can't reject a calling and when there is a calling, we will be equipped by God to fulfill it!


2. Rejecting the Insecurity 


A big part of my heart was terrified of rejection. Whenever something new is put out into the world, it's risky. It's a little piece of you that you're asking the world to affirm and that's vulnerable!


You may be tempted to think insecurity isn’t something I struggle with. After all, we are successful. We’ve “made it.” But let me tell you, no matter how "successful" you are, insecurity will try and rear its ugly head. 


I have experienced rejection even in my current position, and it hurts. I am human after all! Starting something new seemed like an opportunity for more hurt and rejection. To get the podcast up, running, and heard, I would have to reach out to people for help. 


Some may reject but those who NEED to hear it will hear and the impact will be positive for many! 


3. Receiving the Commission


I may have been rejecting the calling and facing insecurity...But God.


Despite all my objections, God opened my heart to realize that this was the direction He was leading us.


There are people who want to hear more about our vision and mission and I am here to serve serve, YOU!


Of course, I am still nervous about being rejected, but I care more about the people I can reach and encourage. I know there will be demands on my time, but I can balance work and family life with a healthy dose of discipline and focus. 


I am so grateful we aren’t doing this alone. We have an amazing team behind us helping in this new venture. People who are experts in their field helping us share the expertise we have in ours. 


Stay tuned as we launch this newest venture. We look forward to serving our community in this new way! In the meantime, let us know what you want us to talk about on the podcast. We'd love to hear how we can serve you best!

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