Path To Success: An Entrepreneurial Approach


Have you ever spent your time at the pool people-watching while the kids are swimming? Silly question I know, because we have all been “that person” at one time or another.


What you may have noticed during your time at the pool is that there are two very different ways people enter the water. 


First, you have your timid toe-toucher. This person dips their toe to get a feel for the water temperature. They creep in slowly, ready to bale if the cold overcomes them. They may or may not enter the water completely. 


Then you have the one who goes all-in. They are a no hesitation jumper. This individual is completely committed to the task. They are going to fully submerge themselves into the water no matter what. 


The life of an entrepreneur usually resonates with one of these two approaches as well... but only one path leads to success.


When Harold and I began our journey towards entrepreneurship, there were so many...

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