How To Create Better Habits In Your Daily Life

Don’t you hate it when your bad habits creep in and drown out those intentions you’ve set to live and do BETTER this year?


You try your hardest to maintain and reach your goals, but they continually seem just out of reach (or out of reach completely). 


I have been there! Honestly, our bad habits led us to the brink of financial and relational ruin. We had to work from ground zero to build everything back up to where we are now. I found that creating smaller daily goals helped build towards the bigger pictures, which is what led us to create a free Power To Pivot Guide for others to use to set 30 days of better habits.


While there are places to address every area of goal setting, we know there will be times where a certain area will require more of your time and attention. That’s okay. If you are just starting your business, that area may take up 50% of your time and energy, but if you just had a new baby, then family and relationships...

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