Why Staying Up Late Is No Longer Serving You

Are you stuck in a cycle of staying up late and then struggling to roll out of bed the next day?
A morning routine is so important to the success of your day. And if you know that, you know a productive morning starts the evening before.


Here is what I found about how evenings affected my mornings...


If I was able to get to bed an hour or half-hour sooner, my mornings went smoother. It’s crazy what a little extra sleep can do for your overall demeanor and energy level!! 


Maybe you wanted to shut me out as soon as I mentioned the idea of cutting out some of your evening time. I get it, night time is often when we get “adult” time. It’s a space where no one is asking for a snack, to watch TV, or to hang out with friends. The hours after 9:00/10:00 is your time to be just you.


Trust me I don’t want to take that away!


Carving out time for yourself is vital to your overall well-being and to a healthy...

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