4 Ways You Know It's Time To Hire In Your Network Marketing Business

How soon is too soon to hire for your team?


When it comes to adding members to your team, you want the timing to be perfect. Adding too soon could cripple your business if it isn’t ready to support additional payroll. Adding too late could allow the little details to go unattended and consequently, parts of your business to fall apart.


Never fear! We are here to help you walk through some questions to help answer your hiring needs!


1. Do you have too much work?


Obviously having work is a great thing! But there comes a point where you can’t handle the workload by yourself. 


If you find yourself working 12 hour days, day after day, just to get everything finished on time, you are working too much and too hard! After all, you started working for yourself to create freedom, not to become a slave to a new job. 

You have the work to support another person’s salary, so bring them on! 


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The Truth About Working With A Mentor (And Why You Need One)





  1. an experienced and trusted adviser.


Have you worked with a mentor before? 

Some have a misconception that a mentor is only valuable when it comes to your professional life, but the truth is, we all need mentors in every aspect of our lives -- in marriage, in parenthood, in relationships, in health, and in business. 


Having an example to look up to, as well as an actual person to walk with us through the ups and downs of every life area is vital!


One incredible aspect of living in an era with technology is the access we have to so many people around the world. We are able to hear the thoughts and wisdom of thousands of people from all walks of life. 


But sometimes it’s an information overload! 


It’s common to find that a podcast or audiobook is playing in the background while we cook dinner, fold laundry, or commute the kiddos to school. 


We find...

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