Inspire Change No Matter Your Age - It's Never Too Late

This is the year I turned 40. 


I can’t believe I’m 40! You may be “hearing” me say that with dread when you read it, but you would be wrong! I am embracing 40, knowing it is going to be an amazing decade with so much excitement, fulfillment, and growth!


My 30’s were the formidable years that paved the way to my 40’s. It truly isn’t until now that I am able to say I am living my best life in every way. 


My hope in sharing this with you is that you will realize, no matter your age, or position in life, it is never too late to make lifestyle changes and live the life of your dreams!


Let’s talk Nutrition:


While it was in my 30’s I discovered the importance of eating well and because of that, I get to start off year 40 in the best shape of my life. I look forward to building on the foundation of healthy eating I’ve already implemented. 


I will continue to eat clean with an...

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3 Tips For Successfully Working With Your Spouse

For those of us who are married, I think we can all agree it takes a bit of work. Coexisting with another human isn’t easy, but adding a work life into the mix takes it to a whole new level. You have to balance work, family, romance, and the household all within the four walls of your home. 


If you are tackling this enormous task , then chances are you could use a bit of guidance, or just some encouragement knowing you aren’t alone!


Harold and I have been balancing work and marriage for over 6 years now, and while we aren’t experts, we have found there are some tricks to making this situation run smoothly. You are in luck, because I am going to share them with you today!!


1. Define Your Roles


This bit of advice applies to family life as well as work life. If both you and your spouse are working on the same tasks, you will have certain items overdone, and others forgotten.


We have found that there are specific tasks I enjoy...

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Here is Why You Need To Hire A Coach (Don't Wait!)

Are you wanting to take your business and life to the next level? 


It’s time to hire a coach to come alongside you and unlock your full potential as an entrepreneur. 


I already feel some of you pushing back. You are convinced you can keep things going and that if you dive in it may be too costly or too scary.


I’d like to open your eyes to the possibility that EVERYONE can benefit from working with a coach, so keep reading!


Let me tell you why…


1. You Need Accountability 


No matter how responsible you are, added accountability is what pros do. When you have no one checking in with you, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks. I think it is super important to remember that accountability doesn’t mean someone babysitting you waiting to get on you any chance they get...


No. An accountability partner is meant to encourage you to meet deadlines, finish tasks, and stay on your...

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4 Ways You Know It's Time To Hire In Your Network Marketing Business

How soon is too soon to hire for your team?


When it comes to adding members to your team, you want the timing to be perfect. Adding too soon could cripple your business if it isn’t ready to support additional payroll. Adding too late could allow the little details to go unattended and consequently, parts of your business to fall apart.


Never fear! We are here to help you walk through some questions to help answer your hiring needs!


1. Do you have too much work?


Obviously having work is a great thing! But there comes a point where you can’t handle the workload by yourself. 


If you find yourself working 12 hour days, day after day, just to get everything finished on time, you are working too much and too hard! After all, you started working for yourself to create freedom, not to become a slave to a new job. 

You have the work to support another person’s salary, so bring them on! 


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Keep Tabs On Your Business (But Don't Let It Run You)

Do you ever feel like the success of your business rides on your ability to manage every aspect?


Are you ever overwhelmed with the enormity of the task and all the areas that you find dull and challenging?


As an entrepreneur, you need to be familiar with every detail that makes your business run, but that doesn't mean you have to run it. 


What Do You Love About Your Business?


As entrepreneurs, we have certain areas of operation that we love...that we are good at...and then certain areas that drain us.


It's easy to throw a majority of your time and energy into the areas that you enjoy. But here’s the truth-there are other areas of your business that still need to be dealt with...even if you don't like them.


What Do You NOT Enjoy In Your Business


What tasks give you the heebee geebees? 


Maybe you do your best to steer clear of your numbers. The idea of getting granular with the ins and outs of your finances...

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Path To Success: An Entrepreneurial Approach


Have you ever spent your time at the pool people-watching while the kids are swimming? Silly question I know, because we have all been “that person” at one time or another.


What you may have noticed during your time at the pool is that there are two very different ways people enter the water. 


First, you have your timid toe-toucher. This person dips their toe to get a feel for the water temperature. They creep in slowly, ready to bale if the cold overcomes them. They may or may not enter the water completely. 


Then you have the one who goes all-in. They are a no hesitation jumper. This individual is completely committed to the task. They are going to fully submerge themselves into the water no matter what. 


The life of an entrepreneur usually resonates with one of these two approaches as well... but only one path leads to success.


When Harold and I began our journey towards entrepreneurship, there were so many...

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