Why Staying Up Late Is No Longer Serving You

Are you stuck in a cycle of staying up late and then struggling to roll out of bed the next day?
A morning routine is so important to the success of your day. And if you know that, you know a productive morning starts the evening before.


Here is what I found about how evenings affected my mornings...


If I was able to get to bed an hour or half-hour sooner, my mornings went smoother. It’s crazy what a little extra sleep can do for your overall demeanor and energy level!! 


Maybe you wanted to shut me out as soon as I mentioned the idea of cutting out some of your evening time. I get it, night time is often when we get “adult” time. It’s a space where no one is asking for a snack, to watch TV, or to hang out with friends. The hours after 9:00/10:00 is your time to be just you.


Trust me I don’t want to take that away!


Carving out time for yourself is vital to your overall well-being and to a healthy...

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Top 10 Tips To Help Mompreneurs Have A Magical Morning

Mamas, do you feel like there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done?


I am told this a lot as I am often surrounded by mompreneurs crushing it in business and in life, but still feeling like they want to do MORE! 


Unfortunately, you can't add more hours in a day (trust me, I've looked into it *wink*) so my question in response is...


"What do your mornings look like?"


There are two ways of waking up. One where you say, “Good God it’s morning...” **insert hitting snooze a few times here** The other where you wake up saying “Good morning, God!" followed by a smile and immediately rising out of bed.


Okay, realistically, there are a few other ways of waking up that fall inbetween those two extremes, but this can help you see where you fall on the morning person spectrum. 


Morning Person vs. Night Owl


For night owls, the mornings can be hard and you don't really feel...

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