5 Direct Sales Myths (Learn the TRUTH!)

Did you know that Direct Sales was a 42.4 billion dollar industry in 2021?


That’s a pretty large number which indicates that hundreds of thousands of people benefit from working with direct sales companies!


Nevertheless, in some ways, direct sales has earned a bad rap through misrepresentation and stereotyping, so I’m here to dispel 5 myths surrounding direct sales to give you a better picture of what direct sales is really about.


Myth #1: You have to be an extrovert.


While I can see where this misconception comes from, it simply isn’t true. People with all kinds of personalities can succeed in direct sales. In a time where a majority of networking is done online, you literally don’t have to interact with people face to face to make connections.


Just because an extroverted person enjoys being around people and going to social events, doesn’t mean they can use those same skills to make sales, educate potential clients,...

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4 Ways You Know It's Time To Hire In Your Network Marketing Business

How soon is too soon to hire for your team?


When it comes to adding members to your team, you want the timing to be perfect. Adding too soon could cripple your business if it isn’t ready to support additional payroll. Adding too late could allow the little details to go unattended and consequently, parts of your business to fall apart.


Never fear! We are here to help you walk through some questions to help answer your hiring needs!


1. Do you have too much work?


Obviously having work is a great thing! But there comes a point where you can’t handle the workload by yourself. 


If you find yourself working 12 hour days, day after day, just to get everything finished on time, you are working too much and too hard! After all, you started working for yourself to create freedom, not to become a slave to a new job. 

You have the work to support another person’s salary, so bring them on! 


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How To Quit Your Job And Kiss The Grind Goodbye!

You’ve made up your mind, you’re ready to kiss that J-O-B “bye, bye, bye”. You’ve gotten a vision and a taste of Freedom and you want more. I get it. We can recall that awesome day so clearly…

The day we knew exactly what we wanted and our current job wasn’t in that picture. But, before you call your boss and say “see ya’”, or put the “closed” sign on the door permanently or sell your current business; there are a few things to get in order first.

We are going to work you from the ULTIMATE goal, the big picture, down to what needs to happen today in order to create what you want to create. Then, you can see where you’re at in this timeline to see what your next steps are:

  1. Replacement income.

Ok, so this seems obvious, but many people have a difficult time being patient and managing juggling two careers at once. So, the easiest thing is to just let one go and why not the one you don’t want to do...

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