How To Create Better Habits In Your Daily Life

Don’t you hate it when your bad habits creep in and drown out those intentions you’ve set to live and do BETTER this year?


You try your hardest to maintain and reach your goals, but they continually seem just out of reach (or out of reach completely). 


I have been there! Honestly, our bad habits led us to the brink of financial and relational ruin. We had to work from ground zero to build everything back up to where we are now. I found that creating smaller daily goals helped build towards the bigger pictures, which is what led us to create a free Power To Pivot Guide for others to use to set 30 days of better habits.


While there are places to address every area of goal setting, we know there will be times where a certain area will require more of your time and attention. That’s okay. If you are just starting your business, that area may take up 50% of your time and energy, but if you just had a new baby, then family and relationships may take the largest slice of your time.


Be okay meeting yourself where you're at.


The main focus may fluctuate, but this worksheet should help keep all things manageable. You don’t want to get lost chasing one habit and let another priority slip through the cracks. We’ve conveniently broken down this guide into 5 categories: Physical Health, Nutritional Health, Spiritual and Mental Health, Business and Financial Health, and Relational Health. 


Physical Health:


This does not have to look like a number representing the weight you want to lose. It can be something as small as wanting to move your body for 15 minutes a day, or as large as training for a marathon. If you are reaching for a big goal like running a marathon, your daily habit would be a running schedule to develop your endurance. 


Maybe you have been wanting to learn a new sport or fitness skill. This is a great place to break it down and take baby steps towards achieving that bigger goal. Whatever your physical goal is, make it something that can be tackled one step at a time!


Nutritional Health:


Again, this does not have to look like a weight loss goal. In fact, some of you may need to work on eating more and taking in more calories. Your daily nutritional goal could be eating consistently throughout the day. Remember you are trying to create new habits to replace old ones or create structure where there was none.


A nutritional habit could be eating veggies with every meal, or removing starches from your diet. You get to choose what nutrition looks like for you and how to implement it on a daily level. If you want nutritional support, reach out! We'd love to help.


Spiritual and Mental Health:


I can’t stress enough the importance of checking in with your spiritual and mental health. Too often this is a daily task that can be easily pushed off and ignored to make room for other elements. 


Depending on where you are and what you are experiencing, your spiritual and mental health may often need to take precedence. Your spirit and mind dictate so much of what goes on with the rest of yourself, that it is imperative that you attend to it on a daily basis.


For me, I love adding daily time in God's Word to my daily habits. 


Business and Financial Health:


Before you write this area off because you aren’t working outside the house, or don’t own your own business, take a minute to consider the second half of this headline. We rely on finances to live. I think it’s fair to say we need to measure our health when it comes to our money relationship. I know there is space to create healthier habits with money, whether it be long term savings, short term savings, investing, or even spending!


If you do own your own business or are working on developing a career, it makes sense to create daily goals and habits to set you on a path to success. In all things we want to do our best, and establishing good habits is the best way to get there. 


Looking to increase your income? We would love to chat with you. 


Relational Health:


Think about all the relationships you are juggling. How often do you intend to send an encouraging message and forget, or let a loved one know you are thinking of them but never actually speak up. Relationships are too valuable to lose because you haven’t established good habits around maintaining them. 


Seek to send one thoughtful message a day. Have coffee with one friend a week. Make date night a bi-weekly ritual. These types of habits will ensure healthy relationships that last.


If you aren’t scrolling to the bottom of this blog to find the link for our worksheet, then I don’t know how to convince you that you need this tool!! *wink*


For real though, I truly believe this guide will help revolutionize your habits when used consistently! I have seen so much success in my own life, and I am so excited to see how it can change and shape yours as well!


Download the FREE guide here.


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