Unlock Your Full Potential By Implementing Small, Daily Habits

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2022

I love seeing the success of others. I especially love it when I am involved in the process of taking an individual from where they were to where they want to be. And it isn’t to inflate my own ego. I believe the key to unlocking one’s potential lies within them; sometimes they just need a little help discovering that reality. 


I know it’s true because I walked the journey myself.


I was able to unlock my full potential by implementing small, daily habits that pushed me towards my big goals. As I completed those goals, I added new ones and adjusted those habits as needed. No matter what my end game is, I have daily tasks in place to make sure I reach the finish line.


That's what led me to creating the Power to Pivot and the Goal Getter Bundle.


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Here are some testimonials of individuals who are using the same methods and seeing wins:


Stacey implemented habits for each area of health and is thriving!

Physical Goals- feeling great about the structure and consistency! I set activity goals for each day that I did not have before

Nutrition- I am no longer relying on the 5/1 for my slips. I am integrating the 4/2 with better-planned meals

Business - upped all trainings this month incorporating more of the daily tasks in the Launch site which has increased growth in my contacts and leads. This has given me more to grow my business

Spiritual-this one I need more work on, but when I compare this to when I first started, I am celebrating getting excited about reading my Bible and praying in the morning 

Relational -Biggest Win: By just turning off the phone each day at lunch making time with my spouse to communicate has been amazing!”


Candi is also seeing positive results:

“-GLUTEN FREE again for 2 weeks!

-watching numbers change and already see a physical difference in progress pictures

-Date Night Conversations are on fire & the dreamers are awakened

-Honoring finances God's way & eradicating debt (albeit slowly but plan in place & honoring it!)

-** NOT included in my five but a win!** Got a personal challenge to do more videos so I am creating reels, doing lives, & adding video to stories”


And finally, here is Melissa’s story:

"Physical: Healthy movement every day (Even when I don’t feel like it & w/Trainer 2x week)

Nutritional: No Sugar, Alcohol & Consistent with 4:2

Spiritual: Resting in His presence. Asking for prayer from others when needed

Business: Cultivating relationships with Coaching Partners & Clients

Relational: Healthy Boundaries- Intentionally setting phone on silence when spending time with family


These are real people who have recognized there is a way to reach their big goals, and it starts one small step at a time.


I share my story, and the story of others, in the hopes that you will be willing to survey your life and see if there might be room to add some daily habits to help you reach your big wins. I wouldn’t encourage you if I didn’t know how much positive change it could bring you.


If you are interested and want to know more about how to get on track and pivot your lifestyle, let's connect!

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