3 Tips For Better Balance As A Mompreneur

There are so many glorious benefits to being a Mompreneur, so many freedoms that are created when you become your own boss. 


But one thing that may hold you back is the idea of balancing your work/family life. You may feel discouraged by the lack of boundaries in place between the two. Work seems to bleed into family, and vice versa!


I totally understand that feeling. As wonderful as it is to be in charge of literally every aspect of your life, it can come with quite a few challenges as well. I’ve been balancing the two (and more!) for a couple of years now and found that there are some tricks to creating productive and smooth days.


And before you check out because you aren’t a mompreneur, if you are balancing any kind of life alongside work, this article will benefit you too!


1. Get Organized!


I know you are thinking that’s a no-brainer. But let me take it a step further than simply stating: get organized. 


I would encourage you to identify all the different tasks you are responsible for- - every job you head up with your business and in the family. Take your time with this assignment, as I am sure there will be a thing or two you forget initially. Feel free to work on this list for a couple of days if need be. Be sure and check with your assistant or other family members to see what tasks they know you do.


As you look over that list, take a moment to be in awe of all you do. You are amazing!


Now, it's time to get to work! Grab a planner and get to writing. Fill each day with your “to do’s.” Create a block schedule for your monthly, weekly, and daily tasks, and the things that don't fit? LET THEM GO!


I know you will sleep so much better knowing each day is planned out for you. You won’t have to worry about missing an important meeting or leaving your kiddo at practice! You can know everything has been thought about and you don't have to carry the emotional load of worrying if you are behind or missing something.


2. Stick with it!


You can have the most beautiful, detailed planner in all the world, but if you ignore it, it’s useless. You don’t create a plan only to abandon it. If your schedule says, “Create Team Meeting Plan for January from 1-3 pm,” you best be working on that plan during the hours you set. If you stray too far from the parameter you set for your time, it won’t be long before other things around you start to fall apart.


Don’t forget to plan time to create your schedule in your planner! The system only works as you enter information. It won’t autogenerate! You may check tasks off your list as they are completed. We all love the feeling of getting our stuff done!


3. Expect the Unexpected


You may think I am about to contradict myself. Stick with me, it will all make sense! 


A schedule isn’t meant to be flawless. It’s meant to give you an organized base to work from. What fun is it to work for yourself if you don’t have the freedom to move things around? Maybe your child unexpectedly receives an award at school and will be recognized at an assembly while you are scheduled for a budget meeting. You have the power to reschedule that meeting! Just be sure to write it in your planner so you know when the new time will be and don't wait until the last second or you may miss rescheduling it completely.


Writing it in your planner doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. It’s meant to keep you on track and to stop your work and family life from bleeding into one another. After all, if your work tasks are finished at 5:00, you shouldn’t be worried about getting anything else completed when you are with your family in the evening. Those items have been scheduled for another time. Relax, it’s been taken care of!


Hopefully you are breathing a sigh of relief as you realize it’s possible to take control of your schedule. You feel more free realizing you don’t have to cram work tasks into every available moment because you have created space for them at a specific time. You have a concrete way to keep the balance between work life, and family time.


If you need any help sorting through a game plan for work/life balance or you want accountability to keep you on the schedule you have created, we are here for you! We’d love for you to fully enjoy all the freedoms of mompreneurship! 


Happy planning!


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